Sunday, April 10, 2011

Halo: Reach - Classic and Action Sack Playlists

Players of Halo for generations have come to be annoyed by Reach's gameplay. It was too easy for other players to become skilled quickly. Additionally, the Armor Abilities threw the game way out of wack. On the flipside, players complained that the game needed more fun to it.

Well, Bungie finally listened and they are delivering... (somewhat)

The Classic Playlist is a custom gametype on custom re-made old school maps that nearly mimics the old gameplay, but while still keeping the new-ness of Reach added into it. Here's the rundown

  • Shield Recharge Rate 110%
  • Health Recharge Rate 110%
  • Damage Modifier 110%
  • Melee Modifier 75% (To fix those pesky and annoying "Team Melee" matches)
  • Player Speed 120% (Spartan IIIs are rather sluggish by default)
  • Jump Height 125% (They also suck at jumping)
  • Player Gravity 150% (This makes it so that the increased jump height and run speed doesn't turn into ice-skating)
The Action Sack playlist is a playlist that uses gametypes made by Bungie that weren't shipped with the disc. (Some kind of feat of engineering on their part, might I say..) "This is a new 4v4 playlist inspired by community map and game variants. The initial lineup isn’t as insane as some players may expect, we’re using this playlist to introduce new gametypes that we’ve scripted up. We’ll be looking at feedback and suggestions for future additions to this playlist, so drop by the Optimatch forum and tell us about your favorite wacky 4v4 gametypes!" That's what the official update says about it. Cleverly posted by urk, as always. Read the full story here.


  1. I still say Goldeneye was better. James Bond would whip Master Chief several times over.

    Good info though.

  2. I thought it said "Halo Classic" and I got overly excited. But then it turned out to be almost as good! My xbox ringed recently so I can't actually enjoy this, but it gives me something to look forward to when I get a new one :>